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4/10/02 Day Twenty...Glossing Over

It is actually 1.21 a.m. on 4/11, but time seems relative at the moment. I just finished putting on an 'isolation' coat of gel medium. This is to give an added layer of protection. DC will finish him with a varnish coat. However, if (and wimper...when) Phat Daddy gets vandalized, etc., the varnish coat can be removed and the paint hopefully won't be affected.

Tomorrow is my last night with the beast. I'm sending him off with a beer and peanut party...if I haven't invited you...give me a call...

Hang in there G3. These all-nighters are kinda like college all over again... I'd bring you coffee, but Detroit is a bit of a distance. Good luck on the polar bear. (Fellow creature artist).


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