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Returning the Elephant



I found myself in the back of a moving truck, alone with Phat Daddy, contemplating, meditating on his departure.  Where will he go?  Will he be loved?  Will he hold up? 

And what It all comes down to is, it is time for me to let go, let him make his (my?) mark on Washington, DC.  As Jerry reminded me, he is not mine.  He is the city1s.  And that is that.


Our friend Wesley joined Jerry, Phat Daddy and myself in this part of the journey.  He helped with the physical lifting of the beast and provided much moral support (as he always does).  Luckily the move went without any real

hitches.  We rented a moving truck and

drove him back to the old Woodies

Building Downtown. 


It was like being a rock star, so Jerry said.  Everyone stopping to watch as ĆElephant in Camouflage1 was moved to a temporary position in the building with all the other elephants and donkeys. 


We had a chance to peruse the other creations.  Just amazing and wonderful what people have done.  I believe this project will add a lot to the city in the few months the creatures will

be on display.




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