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December 3, 2003

There is a moment when one feels the soul sit back, mouth agape with awe, and one feels both hot and cold. Shock. There is instantainious sweat while the body shivers. I had my moment. It was as though I got the call that my lottery ticket was valid or I mysteriously was crowned Queen of Southern Maryland. My surprise was just as sweet. Winter Bird was bought for me. He would be coming home to the Grey Garage for good.

And so I have a mysterious benifactor, someone who gifted the bird back to me. Gotta love that...someone gave me the bird.

Now Winter Bird is residing peacefully on my front porch. It's so good to have him back. mysterious person, you!!! You are an amazing and extremely Big R person. You have given me a gift that touches me deeply. This gesture, this gift is "ALL THAT." Thank you.

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