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Boxing Day

July 11, 2003
The Final Product

Well, here it last night with little baby is ready to take flight, and now it is up to me to let go and let him do so.

We spent our last hours in fine company. My parents were special guests at a farewell luncheon for their grandbird. You know, for one who hasn't produced any human children (we don't talk about the alien ones...), I have given them few grand creatures. Cats, elephants, and now a bird.

Then this evening certain members of the International Food Society (my alternative family) joined me for coffee and dessert for another send off. This is where Boxing Day comes into the picture. The storage box that little bird cam in provided much merriment.

So you want to know what is next? Stay tuned for the grand adventures of little bird. We have the whole first flight tomorrow...then a press conference at the end of next week...and somewhere along the line...if you're very, very might get to see the art print in which little bird played a major role.

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