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Flying Lessons

July 13, 2003
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This day neither began and nor ended. Aside from a meltdown (the mind can do awful things when you are alone with a bird who did poorly on his first flight out of the nest), today was a day to be survived. Starting out with flu like symptoms and nothing you could call real sleep, I found clothes, existed on carbonated caffeine, and spent the day sitting in sunlight...revisiting winter bird designs. And this should say it all.... my printer stopped printing after one get to do trouble shooting here soon.

The pictures above represent a full day of more gold and glitter paint. Am I even close? I'm not at a point to be particularly objective. On the positive side, the new blue is's not quite Royal Indigo, but it's more uniform. As, always, comments are appreciated.

Grumble, grumble, grumble...