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A Black Day

June 21, 2003
The Jaws That Catch

After an evening at war, the War of 1812 that is, last was somewhat of a continuation on the theme of war. What do you expect after cruising the Bay with an effervescent Lori, Tom's most excellent G and T's, and the ever fascinating Wes narratives? That left today with its own battles.

All Surfaces are covered

The morning started with the cancellation of a photo shoot due to the bad behavior of a local museum (not mine) employee who made our contingency feel most unwelcome. That left the afternoon for little bird. Inspired I headed out to a favorite paint supply store. All I wanted was a flat black acrylic...the clerk gave me everything but.... forcing me back into waiting lines for another attempt. I did not make it to three tries before needing to stand in the middle of the store and do my very best primal scream. I didn't and the world was a better place for it. Instead, I left and oh, my, gosh...horror of horror...I did my best rendition of being a WalMartian and went to WalMart.

Low and behold...they had my paint. YES!!! And it gets better - I found a cashier with no one in line. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. So, as I drove home, I really anticipated good things for the rest of the day. Suffice to say I dealt with an undiplomatic neighbor (you know...its gotta be a myth - the neighborly neighbor just doesn't exist), upon which was followed by a terrible, terrible hindrance. The lid to my new black paint must not have been on and caused all the paint to leave its container and empty itself into the bag. This was lucky cause it could have been my car floor that received the benefit of the color change. In the back of my head, there is a little voice saying "For the Grace of God, there I be."

The Claws That Bite.

Well, all was not lost. I found an empty paint tray and dumped the paint in that and managed two coats for the base of little bird. I also added darker circles around his eyes to his face a little more depth. I was also able to add another coat or two of gold paint to his eyes and beak, and the first coat to his bird legs. I'd have like to have done more...but tonight, after working another museum event for a few hours (where I managed to loose yet another pair of favorite sunglasses), my hands are too shaky. Sleep seems like a plausible idea.

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