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Tail Spin

June 27, 2003

Way unproductive night. Headache, backache, stomachache...and oh, have I mentioned the paint fumes? Yes, I would like a little cheese with that whine.

A never ending week is hopefully done...and perhaps this temperamental artist (and I do live up to that these days...just ask my poor mother) will slowly exhale, let go, and not destroy the good parts of little bird.

Tonight I opted to do the safe thing (who said I wasn't disciplined) and added a second coat to what I painted the other night. The hands are shaky and the vision blurred. And now in my best Scarlet O'Hara..."Tomorrow is another day" or was it "I'll always have Tara." Hmmmhpf...I'll always have the Grey Garage. Now Nick, pour me another drink. (Doesn't that sound better?) We'll even keep the temperament and go for a Mint Julep. That sounded pretty darn good this afternoon.

Oh, oh, oh...on an interesting side note...congratulations go out to fellow photog Robert Jones. His work is to be featured in "Black and White" magazine in the next upcoming months (not the upcoming issue but the next). Check it out...and be sure to note the photo credit on his portrait. Ah, how time flies when you're having fun.

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