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June 30, 2003

How political my art is becoming. LOL. Am I rightwing or leftwing? That's the real question. I added more gilding to the right (see right picture) wing and cannot decide tonight if it is too busy. Any comments are welcome (click here to email me).

Feeling under the weather, yet again, I find myself perhaps messing up. And no, for those of you paying attention, it had nothing to do with alcohol from the past evening. In fact, we were in a sober zoneŠ. though there was a lot of fresh air on the Bay. However the hands are too shaky to add glitter to the snowflakes. I have decided to add a few that aren't white paint based. The tonal separation seems pleasing.

Lots of touchups to be done...and I have to find the Blake quote ("Proverbs from Hell" or something like that) to add to the base. Ah, the pleasure of creationŠ

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