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A New Nest

November 11, 2003

Photo by Mark Scher

The sound of the wooden heels from my lace-up boots reverberated into endless echoes as I walked down the concrete corridor alone. Conversations in my head, spoken by my clicking heels, it was Alice in Wonderland moments. No one passed me, no one ahead, and how odd it was without my security blanket and partner in crime. With Joni Mitchell songs replacing my conversation I continued on my journey.

But no Paris did I find...this was definitely a paved paradise...the Maryland ShowPlace Arena. I had arrived early and checked in...with much relief to see a name badge waiting for me and lots of kind hosts to direct me to necessities such as food, beverages, and later what must have been half a bottle of Merlot...okay maybe not quite...but enough to make the end hours very pleasant.<

Winter bird's Uncle Mark.
Something like 45 of the birds were all there...each a wonder in itself. I strolled along every shade of blue one can imagine until there he was...standing and waiting for me...Winter Bird, looking just as splendid as he did the day Wes and I transported him to the welding shop.

My parents were the first to arrive, followed by my brother (how did those Budweiser Clydesdale Horse trailer pictures come out?). We enjoyed a light lunch together and talking to several of the people who the event coordinators. It's nice not to be on that side for a change. Wandering back into the corridors where the birds were, it was a photofest of cameras and people looking at each other's digital cameras. Children were thrust in front of every bird with parents early begging for a smile, getting everything but. One visitor had me sign her scrapbook. I am still coveting it. She and her children went to see each bird this summer, took pictures of them all, kept press clippings, and were trying to meet as many of the artists as possible.

Greg Rumph and Winter bird shared a few secrets...
And for all of you who came to support me and the project, many thanks. It was good to catch up, even if I don't see you but every six months or ten years.

It was also good to meet a few of my peers and other artists involved. From the lovely tiled creations to the razor-sharp steel bird, I look forward to seeing you all again.

Pandas, right?

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