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4/23/02ÉThe Unveiling




Tim Scheirer being his amusing self (after a grand entrance) with Laura Bush, First Lady.




First Lady Laura Bush enjoys a moment with Tim's elephant.


Alas, Phat daddy was not one of the chosen beasts to be unveiled first this morning.  Yes, I was disappointed, but, hey, I was in good company.  Instead, I am taking the high (and righteous) road and supporting my friend Tim's effort in this same project.  His was one of the lucky ones (1 out of 12).


It was a cold morning, and I still insist that 5:30 am does not exist in my world.  Jerry and I made it into the city around 8:30 a.m.  After checking in, grabbing orange juice, and waiting about 45 minutes in the security line, I got the pleasure of being frisked by the secret service.  It really was too early to enjoy... Just before Jerry had his moment, they just let everyone in.  All the press was there, and there was a milieu of speeches, by a few art official types, the Mayor (our good buddy Tony), and the Mrs. Bush.  Again, the familiar is too early to be shouting out allegiance to being PARTY ANIMALSÉ


Then they unveiled the animals.  Tim was oddly absent from unveiling his.  It even looked like he would miss Mrs. Bush's attention as she looked over each creature.  But just in the nick of time, from the crowd, Tim bounded over the guard rails separating us from the...royalty...So....happy ending for Tim.




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