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Party Animals....The Mayor's Reception

4/21/02…The kick-off of Party Animals

Artists and sponsors were invited to a kick-off party at the Woodies building.  The Mayor did the honors with a lovely speech thanking all involved, especially the families of all the artists, who had to put up with us all.


They hired a band and had it catered.  Pretty swanky.  What a fab. place to party. 


There are some wonderful creations…and some that I still need explained to me.  People tend to gravitate to those that have been sculpturally modified.  It’s a bit of a shame because some of the ones that took the most talent are more subtle…at least as I see it.  No offense, Tim.  Your baby is well done…




That would be me and Anthony Williams, Mayor of DC.

Phat Daddy at the party.


The Southern Maryland Contingent

The middle elephant is Bush Pilot by artist friend Tim Scheirer


Another artist friend Kathleen Carlson and Elephantsgerald (sure I botched the spelling…anyway…it’s Ella Phitgerald as an elephant).




















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