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July 17, 2003

What a ride it has been for the past few days and sleepless nights. Here I sit, the sun not yet down for the night, fingers crossed, and the little beast during from hopefully his last coat of polyacrylic. I dare not look at him too closely. And there is a refrain form my subconscious...turn away...just turn away.

Last night I put on the isolation coat, and found my server for this site was having difficulties. Id decided it wasn't worth adding an entry for that. We have been there, done that. However tonight, I really hope, is the last night with da boid (another Wes-ism). He needs to fly on his own now. He has been nursed along this week. And now, hopefully he will fly free.

He is a bird of many coats now. I am an artist with one less finger. While touching up his base, I managed to get one of my fingers lodged underneath him and lost my grip. Yes, it has been one of those weeks. However, after talking to Valerie (one of the most organized and together people making this project happen), apologizing for what I consider to be a blunder in my efforts (having to redo him), she did my heart glad. From what I understand, my issues were small compared to others. At least my bird is in piece.

And so my dear reader, I am off to nurse my finger and fret over what to wear to the press conference tomorrow.

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