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Flying the Coup

July 18, 2003

Photo by R.W. Stone
Last moments with Winter Bird at his childhood home

Winter Bird is officially out of my nest and finding a home of his own. There is relief and a certain sadness that hovers about the studio, where he grew-up. This must be what it is like for a child to leave for college.

Fittingly, Wes came over in the early morning to see the beast off. We rented another SUV from Avis (an Aztec...which I believe was the least favorite of the vehicles), and made a coffee stop before returning at the studio to pick up da boid for delivery.

The sunlight was kinder today. No uneven blotches. Wrapping him in his purple blanket, we eased him into the back of the vehicle and headed for Upper Marlboro.

The Welding Shop in PG County

Parking the Aztec and leaving our passenger for a while, we went to the official press conference for Birds I View. Lots of press, though I opted not to "work" the publicity opportunity. But from what I have heard, we made it onto Channel 4 news. It was the standard event.... lots of speeches and mention of the few birds that were present. They are a lot of fun...some are very imaginative (duh).

After a small bite to eat at the reception, we followed Valerie and a few of her staff to the welding shop, where little bird is currently residing. His next step is to be attached to a very nice wooden base. Within the week he should be installed in his new summer home, the Tucker Road Ice Rink in Oxen Hill. Of course I'll be making a pilgrimage and will post pictures of him in his new home.

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Again, I thank Wes for his kind care, nuturing, and help through out this crazy adventure.