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All That Glitters

July 3, 2003

Another night of glitter. You know, the paint (a clear acrylic with silver glitter mixed in) smells really bad. Perhaps I have found another art supply in which I am sensitive. Perhaps my mother is right...I enjoy being a masochist.

Oh...I spent a little while looking for the quote that goes on the base...but I found another that I really like by William Blake.

No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.

Also, I had a lovely chat with Br. Kevin (artist extraordinaire), who is currently residing in a monastery near Chicago, original home of the first US whimsical animals. He says Chicago's project this year is giant baseball bobble-heads. Hmmmm....birds, I like birds, birds are good...

And with this, I am retiring for the nightŠand finding my thoughts running very Southern...maybe it's the ever increasing heat...or the lush green...or the many moths that share my environment? Or perhaps it is the craving for another mint julep. It's been awhile since I had my lastŠI miss them.

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