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July 2, 2003

Yes, I'm subscribing to the ultimate cliche and calling this entry "Leftwing." How quickly one's politics can change.

After one night of painting and hot flashes (shakier hands than usual), I spent the first of July more or less in bed. Hormone thearpay, though promsing hope, really took it's toll yesterday. My father and I had a lovely conversation this morning commiserating on hot flashes. He has own issues with hormone pills (shots actually). He says he just takes off his shirt when the hot flashes occur. Hmmm...I somehow don't think this will work well for me...though I've had one vote for putting the theory into practice.

Tonight I risked adding more gilding to the left wing of little bird. I also addded glitter to all the snowflakes. The question now is - more snowflakes or not?

And many thanks to my mother for showing me the error of my Southern ways...Scharlette said, "I'll think about it tomorrow." It works.

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