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Picking Up a Fat Chick in P.G. County

June 14, 2003
Doing a second whimsical animal feels like what being pregnant with a second child must feel like. Okay, maybe a little different physically, I suppose. It's an incredibly happy experience because I've gone through the process before; I know what's going to happen. Since my first baby has proverbially flown the coup, it's good to have a young one in the nest again. Yeah, I know...enough with the silliness.

I got the news last week that the proverbial rabbit died and I was to go into artisthood on Saturday, June 14. My bird would be waiting for me at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro.

Already involved before picking up the bird, there has been grand fun at a sponsor party. And hey, it's not everyday that one gets to be a New York driver. Now, I know Wes (the one on the left) had imaginative concepts for how a New York driver should drive...but we did eventually make it back to the Grey Garage (my studio) in one piece. And no, neither of us are from New York...nor do either of us own an SUV...the vehicle was a rental. Keep scrolling down, by the way...there's more.

New York Drivers
Bird at the Equestrian Center, Upper Marlboro

The bird was actually boxed and fit perfectly in the back of the Ford Explorer. How nice to be able to move him without too much effort. He weighs less than eighty pounds and stands five feet tall. Wes, I know I've thanked you a million times for being my partner in crime on this project...but I don't think a public thanks is a bad thing...

Wes starting to unload the bird
And this is the beginning of Winter bird. He's gray and dusty. And yeah...he does sort of have a penguin quality.


Nude Bird