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The Hatching Process

June 15, 2003
I'm still waiting for the official paperwork to come in the mail. This includes simple instructions and preferred supplies. I have opted, with fingers crossed, to use a basic acrylic gesso. So my grey bird, is now a white bird.

After spending a fair amount of time going over every inch of him...dusting and using a damp rag to clean his surface, I realize it's starting. I'm growing attached. He's pretty cool. My first thoughts when seeing him un veiled was that he was too jolly for my taste. He isn't though. He's rather placid and somewhat contemplative.

It's also Father's Day. Dad, I know you probably are curious about the new beast in the studio, but he'll be here next time you feel the urge to play with my riding lawn mower. And I know it isn't much, but I dedicate the design to you.

For those of you also keeping track of my progress, check back in a day or two. The next two days are accounted for and do not seem to include Winter Bird.

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