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June 23, 2003
A Gilded Bird in the Studio

Just a gilded bird in a studio...guess that's better than a bird in a gilded cage...and all that glitters is not gold (that's cause in my case it's going to be silver).

While I worked tonight, studio windows open allowing for a fine-grade sweat to settle upon me, no sounds of lawn munchers seethed my soul. It was very nice for a change.

Tonight represents the first official night of design work on little bird. I finally followed my intuition and free handed it. My once penguin-looking, bluebird is starting to feel a little Russian to me. Fr those of you out there who have been-there-done-that-country you'll have to check in and let me know.

On an unrelated note, please send your healing thoughts this way for Garby, the little white terrier that co-habituates with my parents. She isn't doing so well (and don't any one tell me she is old and these things happen...she's already outlived her time once...she can do it again).

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