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June 22, 2003
The chick and I

Photo by R.W Stone

Karma reversed itself and today was much better than yesterday. It included Hazelnut Coffee...and isn't that what life is all about? Coffee and indulging one's self? The day was quiet and there were no intrusions from persnickety neighbors who obviously don't have a giant blue bird to paint themselves. Instead the afternoon was spent with the phat chick form PG County and curiosity got the best of Wes, who came to see the slow metamorphism of plain grey bird to brilliant blue beast. I suspect it's really the decadence of the settee that draws him.
Shadow DetailToday's progress was subtle. I added shadows to little bird's wings, added a little detail to his beak, blended his legs into his body, modeled the base and added a few more shadows.
Wes and the SetteeBut now, I am looking forward to leaving the concrete studio floor and chilling out on a massage mat (Mom and Dad, that's the greatest present ever). The bird may be young...I however am feeling every year in my back and hips. Gripe, gripe, gripe...

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