Press Clippings and Such

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY

Article on Art-o_Mat Vending Machine - April 12, 2004

The News and Advance, Lynchburg, VA

Article on L.S. King's painted photographs - Spring 2003

Howard County Times, Ellicot City, MD

Morning Rituals: The Shoes, while exhibited in "ART MD 2002," was mentioned in Mike Giuliano's article in the 11/21/02 Howard County Times.
"One of the most radical uses of materials can be seen in L.S. King's "Morning Rituals: The Shoes," a realistic depiction of a seated woman adjusting a shoe strap. If you weren't told otherwise, you might assume it's a painting; it's actually a painted photograph in which the paint covers every bit of surface. If this seems like a new way to merge painting and photography, it's ironically relying on a photographic practice that was widespread in the production of 19th-century tintypes."

The Enterprise, Lexington Park, MD

Article on L.S. King's Elephant in Camouflage - Spring 2002

The Maryland Independent, Waldorf, MD

Article on L.S. King's Sic Semper Tyrannis: Something About J.W. Booth - Winter 2002

Winter 2000 - Barbara Levin's comments on L.S. King's Fruits of My Labor: This still life has a genuinely painterly feel to it which I quite liked. The artist has used hand-coloring much like in a painting but still allows the photography to show through as the major architectural element. I particularly enjoyed the use of color, rich greens and blues as a complement to the isolated pinks in the flowers and by intensifying the blues in the shadows, the artist has unified the composition so that the viewer's eye moves in spiral fashion through the entire picture.

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