Elephant in Camouflage


With the various political climates in DC, one must often blend in to get along. And it often seems that there is nothing more powerful than the old mighty dollar. This elephant blends into the city by painting himself up with dollar bill icons. And if nothing is more powerful than the mighty dollar, what does that make the mighty elephant that looks so very 'money'?


Party Animals

Soon the beautiful city of DC will be crowded with 200 whimsical elephants and donkeys (not that it isn1t already). The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities is both the organizing body and fund-raising recipient of this project.


So, here's the deal-one of my designs was chosen and now I have to finish the elephant you see to the right of this text. I'm going to do my best to keep this site updated with my progresses. And I only have until April 12 to do it.



3/22/02 Day One... Bringing the elephant home
3/23/02 Day Two... Banana Cream Elephant
3/24 Day Three... It's Getting Harder
3/25 Day Four... George
3/26 Day Five...The Treasury Department
3/27 Day Six...Evil Eyes
3/28/02 Day Seven...I am taking the night off. See you tomorrow.
3/29 Day Eight...The Bird
3/30 Day Nine...A Sign
3/31 Day Ten...AOK
4/1 Day Eleven...1 N Only
4/2/02 Day Twelve...Ranger Bill and I are heading to Georgetown to hang my work at the Dumbarton Concert Gallery. See you tomorrow.
4/3/02 Day Thirteen...Another Day Another Dollar
4/4/02 Day Fourteen...Hitting the Wall. Nothing exciting to show. Tonight I just did some refinement and touch-ups. And in the words of the Iguanna's - "I'm tired. I'm sooooo tired."
4/5/02 Day Fifteen...I Am Not Here
4/6/02 Day Sixteen...The Mask We Wear
4/7/02 Day Seventeen...The Greening
4/8/02 Day Eighteen...The Cracked Facade
4/9/02 Day Nineteen...Mint Green
4/10/02 Day Twenty...Glossing Over
4/11/02 Day Twenty-one...The Last Night
4/12/02 Returning the Elephant
4/21/02...The Kick-off of Party Animals
4/23/02...The Unveiling
6/13/02...A Rainy Day in Washington, DC



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Nude Elephant



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Trisha Dunn's Photo Collage of Phat Daddy