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Homing Instincts

August 24, 2003

The days have come and gone, wars have been fought (and relived), new projects contemplated, and Winter Bird remains out in the world. Being the conscientious artist, it was time to pay a visit to the current landing pad of Winter Bird and see how he is fairing in the big world. Would he be fading? Would there be flecks of paint cracking? Would there be vandalism and graffiti?

Like parents visiting their child in college, Wes and I headed north into P.G. County. After one wrong turn (and practically crashing someone's grand picnic), I turned the car into the parking lot of the Tucker Road Ice Rink and Community Center. Wes was the first to spot little bird.

And sure enough, in his glory he has been placed in a little out of the way area. It was a bit desolate and a sign in front of the area he inhabits mentioned that renovations to the community center would be finished in 2002. Hmmm. Well, on one hand, I have always had a thing for abandoned areas.

Winter bird is holding up well. No yet, so that's refreshing. He has withstood the elements very well. Peacefully he sits on his wooden base, though there appears there may have been issues installing him upon it. A touch up in that area would be a good thing. However the plaque upon it stating his name and mine is a nice feature. So, if you happen to be in that neighborhood in the near future, do drop by and pay him a visit. He looks a little lonely.
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