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Am I Blue

June 18, 2003
Am I Blue? He has sat quietly perched in a dark studio, his surface reflecting in pure white when errant sunbeams pass in his direction. This didn't last long. After two days off - one spent on a fabulous journey to Lynchburg, VA to pick up my last exhibit, where Mr. Mint Julep (yep,that'd be Wes) and I discovered the secret joys of spinach salad....the other was spent at the museum (doing that silly work thing again), but I will tell you, all was not lost...Fordum Ale was a lovely feature of my evening - Winter Bird needed my attention.

After much fretting about what sort of acrylic paint to use (after reading the list of supplies that arrived in today's mail)...I purchased a lovely blue and raced back to the studio to share it with the beast. I do believe he likes it, though two coats into it, the color doesn't do much for my skin tone.

In an email yesterday, my mother has lovingly referred to her grandbird as "little bird." I kind of like it cause well, he's really not particularly little. Plus there's that great song from 'Man of La Mancha'Šthough I shall not allow my little bird to be pillaged while in my protection. When he lifts his wings and flies out into the big, and not always pretty world, I hope I have provided him with enough protective coats for his survival.

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