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The Blue and the Gold

June 19, 2003
Blue and Gold A blue coat. Another one. This is the third. And so my battle with our Seattle-like east coast weather begins. The humidity factor is making for long drying times. However, I managed one more layer to even out little bird.

Then after much digging through my shed (and sudden fears about potential snakes lurking in the shadows...thanks to Maureen and her snake-in-the-shed story), I found a few bottles of gold acrylic paint left over from the last big beast that inhabited the Grey Garage. It needed to really be shaken up. So, I managed to run Norton SystemWorks on my Mac and finally got the viscosity to a fine level. The question is - with semi-gold eyes and beak, does he still have the 'Al Jolsen singing "Mammy"' quality? Still looks like a penguin to me.

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